How to Convince a Girl to Sleep with You?


Why do girls not want to sleep with me? I mean, I can have a great date with a girl, I see she likes me, but it just cant work if I ask her if she wants to have sex with me. She will never say yes!!!

So how the hell do you convince a girl to sleep with you? Do you use hints? Wait for her to initiate? it’s just frustrating, and I hate waiting untill 2 months before sleeping with a girl. I know my friends manage to do it much earlier.


Convince a girl to sleep with you



For men, it seems easy and fun to just have sex with a girl. However, women see the world differently. There are biological and evolutional reasons, but there is also a very important, social factor that causes women not to have casual sex with men (and generally, resist to sex): It’s called Social Conditioning.

You see, according to our society’s rules and standards, it’s O.K and “Cool” for a man to have sex with many women, But when it comes to women, it’s completely the opposite, women are expected to resist to having sex.
This created a very strong fear that most of the women have, the fear of “Being a Slut”.

This is why, if you just tell a girl “Let’s go and have sex”, there is a 99.9% chance that she will refuse. The Key to getting a woman to sleep with you, is NOT convicing her to have sex.

Don’t tell a girl that you are going to have sex. Even when a girl is horny and into you, she will probably refuse to sex. Allow her subconsious mind want sex, while her conscious mind just goes to a friendly visit to your bedroom.

That’s when the tactics of “Let’s come to my place and watch a movie” come from. Because unlike men, women can’t be direct about sex. It makes them “Sluts”.

In fact, what I usually do when I want to have sex with a girl, is to say something like: “Let’s come to my place, I have a great chocolate that I brought from Spain. But we will go to my place, only if you promise me that Nothing Sexaul will happen”.

Subconsiously, when a girl comes your place, she knows and wants to have sex. But her conscious mind just came to eat chocolate.





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